Lake Success police car

The past year has been challenging for all of us. We have faced increased crime, scrutiny and criticism; all while facing unprecedented recruitment and retention issues. Through it all, you have shown courage, professionalism, and dedication to your oath and duty. You have also shown solidarity and unity as a federation, standing up for the rights and benefits of your members, and advocating for better working conditions and resources.

I want to thank you for your trust and confidence in me and the executive board. We have been working hard to advocate for you and your members through political lobbying and endorsements. We've also strived to communicate with you and keep you informed. We have also been building relationships and partnerships with other unions, elected officials, community leaders, and the public, to promote a positive image of law enforcement and to address the issues and challenges we face.

We have achieved some important victories and successes, but we also have many more goals and priorities to pursue. We need to continue to work together, to stay united and strong, and to support each other as brothers and sisters in blue. We also need to continue to engage and educate our stakeholders and allies, to foster mutual understanding and respect, and to seek constructive solutions.

I am confident that we can overcome any obstacle and achieve any objective, as long as we have each other's backs and we have your support and participation. I urge you to stay involved and active in your federation, to attend meetings and events, to share your ideas and feedback, and to vote and make your voice heard.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Thank you for your loyalty and commitment. Thank you for being part of the Finger Lakes Police Federation. Together, we are stronger.


Michael Wilson

President, Finger Lakes Police Federation